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"I Am Divine Activity" by Reverend Pam

I am a thinking center in an infinite intelligence. I recognize a Divine Presence within me that expresses the completeness of my being. Back of all activity there is a constructive and definite idea. Infinite Good, Truth, Intelligence, Divine Mind and Love are everywhere present and all-powerful. I am affirmatively giving direction to this creative power, which determines my actions and creates. Every channel is open for the manifestation of more and more divine power.

As a center of God-conscious life and power, my consciousness is forever expanding, bringing me increased opportunities and moving me out into larger experiences. Everything in life is the result of an idea in form. I am a perfect idea in Divine Mind filled with perfect ideas, able to fulfill my perfection and to bring out the perfect manifestation. I know that within me is a divine reality and I am expressing that divinity now. With gratitude I release this to the great law of mind knowing and believing it is so, and so it is!

Rev. Pam 5/6/15


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