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How does Distant Reiki work over such a long distance?

The concept behind distant Reiki is rooted in the fact that energy is not confined by physical distance and can be transmitted across space and time. Practitioners in this practice often refer to the following concepts to explain how distant Reiki operates:

  1. Energetic Connection: Practitioners know that all individuals are connected through an underlying energy field, and this interconnectedness allows for the transmission of healing energy across any distance. This energy field facilitates the transfer of Reiki energy from the practitioner to the recipient, regardless of their physical locations.

  1. Intention and Visualization: Practitioners often emphasize the power of intention and visualization in distant healing. By focusing their intention on sending healing energy to the recipient, practitioners influence the flow of energy and promote healing. Visualization techniques are often used to create a mental image of the recipient and the intended healing process.

  1. Use of Sacred Symbols: Reiki practitioners often utilize sacred symbols during distant healing sessions. These symbols hold specific frequencies and vibrations that can transcend physical barriers. By invoking these symbols during distant healing, practitioners aim to enhance the effectiveness of the healing energy being sent.

  1. Timelessness of Energy: Energy is not bound by the constraints of time, and therefore, healing energy can be sent backward or forward in time. This concept supports the idea that distant Reiki can influence a recipient's past, present, and future well-being.


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