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Question Motives

Do you know why you go after certain goals or want certain things? Are the things that you want really what you desire and want or did someone place that idea in your mind for you? Sometimes the things you're working towards aren't even your dreams, but somebody else's dream that they have for you or maybe society placed that goal into your mind and you ran with it. Take some time to reflect whether the things you are doing are really what you want to be doing. How do you feel while working towards your goals and does it fulfill you and add value to your life? I have done this in relationships, jobs, halfway through creative projects, I'll drop them if they are not really what I want, just like that. You always have a choice as to whether or not you have to follow through with anything that is not in alignment with what you value. Time is the exchange you make for many things and it doesn't hurt to question your motives during this exchange.

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