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What I Learned from Tithing

I tithed for all of 2018 and broke unfavorable financial patterns. This is embarrassing to admit but prior to learning how to manage my money (life before tithing) my account would overdraft several times a year. Not only did I not overdraft at all in 2018 but it was my most prosperous year to date. As a child my family was poor, my brother and I would often eat peanut butter and jelly on a Ritz crackers for meals. We would make up food combinations that I have tried as an adult and it is just not tasty, but when you are hungry and poor, you eat what you have. I never learned about finances of how to manage money and luckily the people at my church seem pretty money savvy. They see money as a form of energy exchange and my life has changed since I started to see money

My ministers' values about money have rubbed off on me. My minister is a total badass. I am always in awe of her knowledge when she speaks and I love the way she thinks about money and handles it. She is a former banker and I feel so lucky to be taught about Life by her. She believes that repairs and other financial situations that the church needs should be saved for and if we do not have the funds for them then we raise the money through fundraisers or donations. Our church does not take out loans or use a line of credit. We (church) won't burden ourselves by putting ourselves in thousands of dollars and of debt and staying there because of interests rates. I know believe this too.

It was a really great year financially and I am glad to have given tithing a chance, I was apprehensive at first because I just never really kept track of my money but now I am better at managing it. I check my bank account each time I buy something so that I can know exactly where I stand. My relationship with money has improved so much and I will continue to contribute my money, whether to a church or other cause I would like my money to do good work in. The money I put forward will come back to me because of the law of reciprocity. It will come back in some form of abundance, whether that be love, actual money, it just depends on what you believe abundance is.

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