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More of You as Time Goes By

Society tells us that as time goes by and as we get older, that we wither away, that there is less of us, less beauty, less movement, less money, etc. My experience is that the more I age the more beautiful I feel, the more active I am, the more abundant I am, more aligned with who I am and what my values are and I am becoming more and not less of anything. I choose what I want to bring into my life and luckily for me, I realized (at a very early age) that societal standards are biased and manufactured in order to make people feel insecure and more dependent on things outside of them to make them feel good, which doesn't work and is not truly fulfilling. There is nothing in this life that makes me happier than true connection with Spirit and people, this fills my cup and allows it to overflow. That overflow is what makes me feel more of who I am and express myself in whatever way I choose. I am always more of my true self as time goes by and so are you, if you choose to allow Life to express itself through you.


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