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I turned 34 in September and I am so grateful that I finally feel grounded and like I belong and have a place and purpose in this world. This has taken a lot of emotional and subconscious work on my part and so many people have had to help me. I had to learn to be vulnerable and to trust people and to let them help me. My former mindset told me that I had to do everything on my own and get through everything alone because I'm tough and can handle anything. Vulnerability meant weakness. While I am tough sometimes and can handles certain things, it is so much better to lean on people and have their input, be that by making a phone call when I am overwhelmed and feel paralyzed with an intense emotion or showing up to a 12-step group and crying in front of everyone. I have learned that I don't have to stay quiet and suffer in silence. I have found my "tribe" as they say. My community is great, not perfect, like me, and that's so normal and human.

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