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"What lead you Here?"

I went to a new member dinner at a place I call "church" and was asked to introduce myself and was asked what lead me to the church. I didn't really know how to respond. I have been at this particular church for almost six years but never attended the new member dinner and was told by a woman whom I adore that I should just show up since and it would be fun.

What lead me to that "church" was that I was looking for something different from a church than what I knew as a child. I don't agree with the belief that God is a picky, judgmental being in the sky that is sometimes disappointed in me depending on my behavior. I knew that God was not a temperamental entity who punishes people at random and wanted to find something that aligned with who I am and what I believe. What I believe is that the Universe wants what's best for me and is always helping me out in ways that I don't see sometimes. I believe it is my thoughts and beliefs that have made my life sometimes to be "hell" Hell is not a location but is in the mind it is thoughts.

The dinner was very nice, it was full of people that I love and we all introduced ourselves. I already knew almost everybody there because I am a pretty active member at the church. They all love me and never let me get away with my crazy thinking because they have good boundaries and don't put up with nonsense. It is wonderful and sometimes annoying to be reminded that I am in control of my thoughts and I get to choose what to put my attention on.

Church is great for me because it keeps me balanced, it is like a 12-step meeting for me. It brings up all my shit to be healed and I don't get away with spiritually bypassing things. What keeps drawing me back to the church is the love I get and the love I give, the healing, the blessings, the remembrance that God is always everywhere, in, around, in the air that I breathe, everywhere, in every molecule.

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