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Lately I have been shifting my thoughts on prayer. I used to think prayer was a way to plead with the Divine to give me what I wanted. This meant that I believed that some prayers are answered for certain people but some people don't deserve their prayers to be answered. My prayers were not always answered, so what does that say about my self worth? God is not judgemental and is indifferent and the same God to all people.

There is the law of mental equivalents at play. The Divine won't give me what I asked for if I do not think I am really worthy of it. I now realize that my prayers are ways for me to find the blocks in my subconscious that are preventing me from what I am asking for. Recently, I got crystal clear on what I want in my romantic relationship and had a treatment done by a practitioner at my church. The word "treatment" is misleading, as it conveys the message that something needs fixing. Treatment is done so that the person being "treated" can remember their inherent God qualities. By remembering that they are a part of God, treatment will then bring situations and people into your life that will help heal your beliefs that have deviated them from the Truth. It is my belief that Spirit has my best intentions in mind and has some nice situations in place for me to come home to. My thinking is what gets in my way.

I have so many blocks around romantic love and being loved. Since I met with a practitioner I have been noticing where those blocks are and I am aligning with the truth of reality. When I feel like nobody wants to date me I counteract that belief with an affirmation that says I am lovable and have so much love to give and remember a bunch of other good reasons why that thought (belief) is a lie. I have been thinking about what I was taught about love and what I thought love was in my family and what my beliefs are about love in general. It's been a lot to think about and shift. I don't believe prayer to be this wishy washy thing or that it will give me everlasting peace, but I do know that it will give me clarity, and that's one of the greatest feelings in my life.

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