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I know that I am one just one woman and that if people saw me they would just see me -Wendy Herbert. They would not see any of the people who hold space for me, they wouldn't see the invisible arms that are wrapped around me that give me so strength, support, and so much love.

Today I enrolled in the stewardship program at my beloved Center for Spiritual Living. I signed up to give $30 a month. I decided to sign up for the program because I have always wanted to but give a certain amount monthly but was afraid I would need that money myself and that the amount I wanted to give monthly was not enough to make a difference, or that whoever was in charge of writing down how much I was giving monthly would be like,"that's it?!" I feel that tithing is an act of faith that shows the Universe that I don't believe in lack and that I know that I will be provided for. I believe money is a form of energy and that it is cyclical and that what I give gets brought back to me, just like most of the other form or energy in my life.

I love my church and the people in it. I love the energy and the healing that takes places there. The people there support me emotionally and make me feel so loved. At times I have actually wondered if I am possibly secretly handicapped in some way because people are just so sweet and helpful, nurturing, and loving. How is this my life now?!? Being praised and fully loved is kind of a new concept for me. I've never met so many people who seem to just embody LOVE. I feel like when I am standing and walking around they are a part of the roots that ground me and flow from the bottom of my feet and into the soil of this beautiful Earth. When people see me they just see the physical aspect of my being, they don't see my strong roots, they don't know that I am stronger because of the people who believe and have faith in me. I give to the church because they give me so much nourishment in a variety of ways, from their sermons, their love, their delicious food. I just want to give back in some way. I want to give so much more back to all of those who believe in me because their love means so much to me.

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