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Dating is something completely new to me and I have discovered sober dating in the last few years. I was married five years ago, for five years. It was a terrible time in my life and it took everything in me to get out of that dysfunctional marriage. Luckily, Katy Perry's "Part of Me" came out that year and I spent most of the year with that song as my mantra before I got up the courage to leave my marriage for good. That same year my brother died. That year I decided that life is too fucking short to spend it in a relationship that is not fulfilling and that I didn't care if I never found someone again but I couldn't settle for less than I deserve in this lifetime. I deserve the best. I have had to rebuild myself from the inside out and spend a lot of time learning about myself on a weekly basis, my likes and dislikes, and so many other things about my personality. I am still learning when to let certain men go who do not honor me and codependency is something I struggle with. The main thing I have to keep in line with is that I have to stay aligned with my values and kind of look at the big picture of whether or not this person fits into my world.

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