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Old Stories

What are the stories about yourself that you keep retelling yourself? Are they words you were called as a child? Do you repeat childhood messages and retell yourself that you’re stupid and not good enough? The negative thoughts you keep hearing are ones you’ve learned in your childhood. Either your family or somebody else made you believe that you are the negative definitions of the things that are currently holding you back. My childhood was a nightmare. I abused sexually, physically, emotionally, psychologically throughout the majority of my childhood. I have been healing from deep, deep emotional wounds. It has not been easy, not one bit. These are soul, energetic wounds that have changed my DNA. Just last night I cried on and off for hours because as an adult I am sometimes crippled by anxiety. The only thing that keeps me going is faith, love, hope. I have currently decided to stop going to college full-time because I just can’t focus. Right now my priority is my health and I have to make it my world right now. I want to meet each neglected feeling part of myself that feels flawed and find out why it does what it does in my adult life. Meaning, I want to heal my negative traits. I want them to transform into other traits if they so choose to. The ways that I used to cope as a child no longer serve me as an adult. The only way for me to have peace in my life is to go within and face my emotional truth.

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