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I am currently listening to my intuition and hearing its replies to my questions of what my calling is. I have been asking the Universe on a consistent basis to please guide me to do its will and, in effect, find my calling. I feel that I am meant to heal and create for others because that is what fulfills me. I have been in recovery for several years and have healed and transformed so much trauma and negative patterns in my life. It is truly unbelievable and a miracle. Learning to trust my intuition has not been easy after so many years of going against it. There have been many times where I knew I was going against my gut (aka intuition) and to finally start listening to the it has lead to my increasing contentment in life. The more I trust in it the more I receive blessings. Letting go of control is the hardest part. I want certain things to happen in a certain way and need to constantly remind myself that everything happens in divine timing. A method that I’ve adopted as a way to hear my intuition is meditation. It took me a long time to get to the point of finally surrendering and really listening to my body and the messages that my intuition and heart tell me. All of the healing work that I’ve done was initially started to improve my well being and mental health and now I want to get to the next level by helping others. We can all help each other heal and by healing ourselves, we heal those around us.

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