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Fear and The Unknown

I woke up in the middle night afraid of the unknown and what the next step should be in my life. There are different routes I could go and each one could take me different paths. I let my fear swim around for a while until I got curious and started imagining myself in this area of the “unknown.” I imagined myself in a big, vast empty desert land, except it wasn’t hot, but cool and overcast and there was a nice breeze and nothing but emptiness in front of me and as far as I could see. I realized this emptiness could be whatever I wanted it to be. I could dance it in, I could sing, run, hop, anything! The possibilities are endless in this place. It’s empty and I get to create whatever I want! I am more curious than anything and I know that as long as I am in a place that comes from love I will always be supported by my loved ones and the Universe.

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