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I provide Reiki sessions for spiritual people recovering from trauma.

My mission is to help people have a better quality of life and I am for you if you are ready to shift your energy. The trauma that happened to you was not your fault and it is time to reclaim your true essence and see the world through a different perspective, this is possible for you. I believe that there is only one Power and that is God/Spirit/etc, everything else is distortion that needs to be changed back to Clarity.

My Clients Say

Image by Krystal Ng
"My session with Wendy was so incredibly soothing and healing. Distance Reiki can be so tricky but she walked me through the session, explained exactly what she would be doing, and made me feel very seen. I would absolutely work with Wendy again, her aura is just so amazing."



All sessions include a consultation, meditation, Reiki body scanning, Light language, chakra support, tuning fork, and time after the session for discussion and you are always welcome to ask me questions before and after the session.

Sessions can be focused on healing or coaching, or both, I will find out more information about what you need to get from the session in an online form that you can fill out.

Feel free to book a Complimentary Session to see if we are a good match to work together.

Coaching / Healing Sessions

Through energy work and my words, I channel Divine Energy to your body, where it is most needed. Energy work helps your body and mind by harmonizing your energy so that you feel peace in both realms (mind & body) For example, you have trauma and have been going to therapy but something still feels off. My energy assists in shifting the way you feel about things so that you can live a less chaotic life. Schedule a session, to find out more and ask questions. I provide Reiki services in Pasadena, Upland, and Online.
Take the first step towards your well-being—contact me today.



Through many years of healing through therapy and embodiment practices,  I finally found energy work, which was the missing puzzle piece for me in my recovery. Now I assist others by shifting their energy through my energy work. When you shift your energy it will change your perspective on the way you feel in daily life. I lead healing sessions because I want people who have experienced trauma to know that they can feel better and there is another way to live. I am also a guide and offer guidance if requested.


My Healing journey began in 2012 after all of my childhood trauma wounds were exposed after experiencing the death of a sibling and leaving my unhappy marriage. Even in the depths of pain, I believed that there was another way to live, a way that felt aligned and peaceful, even throughout life's challenges. This led to years of research and learning many healing modalities that I share with my clients in sessions. 

Rock Maze


Indigo Collective

Pasadena, CA


$125 / hourly

Intermission Spa

Upland, CA


$125 / 50 min



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